What should I do if the abutment of the porcelain tooth is rotted? Is the porcelain tooth material affected?

Dismantle the crown first, check the condition of the abutment teeth, if they are not too rotten, they can also grind away the rotten teeth, then fill in the resin, reinstall the new crown, if the roots are rotten, the ones that cannot be retained should be removed in time, wait for 3 The wound will heal and heal at about a month or so, and then consider implanting or inserting a tooth. Otherwise, it will be too long and there will be a residual dental plaque, which will stimulate the inflammation of the gums and even infect the apexitis.

Will the porcelain tooth material affect the abutment?

  1. Generally not, even the metal crown affects the gums. For allergies, the gums may be red and swollen. Some cobalt-chromium alloy materials will have a small amount of deposits in the later stage, and the gum edges will turn gray, but the abutment will not Rotten, including the installation of all-ceramic teeth, the interior is in a vacuum state, can be closely integrated, and regular inspections, it will be fine after 10 years.
  2. Unless it is due to lack of technical experience, problems with preparation, or long-term chewing, the adhesive falls off, the crown appears loose, a foul smell, and food debris impacts. In fact, in this case, the internal abutment may be damaged by caries. When there is a gap, pay attention to it. There is also atrophy of the gums, the root of the tooth will be exposed, and the thinner part of the tooth enamel will easily cause decay.

Will porcelain tooth abutments eventually rot?

  1. After normal bonding, it is very tight and isolated from the outside world. Any dental plaque cannot enter. As long as you maintain oral hygiene, have your teeth washed once a year, and do not bite too hard food, the abutment will still be good after 10 years There is no fixed time to change it. It depends on the tooth condition. If it is changed, it can be replaced with a new crown.
  2. In addition, don’t connect too many porcelain teeth. The abutment teeth at both ends may not be able to withstand the bite, and there will be gaps for a long time. When inserting the teeth, it is recommended to connect the three teeth together and develop water teeth. Line cleaning habits to avoid the accumulation of dental plaque and prevent gum recession. If there is a peculiar smell, it does not mean that the abutment teeth have been decayed. It is recommended to check it.

When the abutment of the porcelain tooth is rotten, there is no need to rush to pull it out. The caries is not too great, but it can be retained, and the chewing can be resumed after redoing.

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