What is easy to use for whitening teeth? Baking soda and teeth scaling are also OK?

What is easy to use for whitening teeth? Baking soda and teeth scaling are also OK?

Generally, no matter how you brush your teeth, you will not be white. Brushing with other things can remove the exogenous staining at most, and it is not thorough. Normal healthy teeth are pale yellow. After all, it is the color of dentin, but it is revealed through the enamel. To make teeth white, you can choose cold light whitening, which can be done in about an hour, but you have to go to a regular hospital for up to two years.

Can baking soda and scaling teeth also make teeth white?

  1. But it doesn’t work. It just makes the teeth cleaner, like dark stains, which affects the appearance. Just sand and blast the teeth. Sodium bicarbonate is added to high-pressure water to remove pigment deposits and dental plaque and restore the original tooth color. The same baking soda is also sodium bicarbonate powder, the effect is also obvious after brushing, but it does not turn white.
  2. The significance of tooth scaling is to treat periodontitis and prevent periodontal diseases, not teeth whitening, and toothpaste is also used, mostly for cleaning, removing dental plaque, whitening is just a business done by the business, just brushing your teeth is Not enough, some hidden corners, like wisdom teeth, are difficult to clean, and they will also turn yellow. There are a lot of food residues. It is recommended to rinse off with water and dental floss.

Is there any way to whiten teeth?

  1. If you have dental fluorosis, tetracycline, etc., it is recommended to bleach your teeth. The use of bleaching agents can change the endogenous coloring, but the teeth may be sensitive, and the soreness will be more intense just after finishing. Porcelain veneer is also fine. A small layer of tooth enamel is abraded, and the abrasion is much less than that of porcelain teeth. It can be adhered to the surface of the tooth to cover the rhubarb tooth.
  2. Be careful not to install all-ceramic teeth, so that each tooth will wear a lot of enamel. Normally, it is used for repairing the teeth, not for whitening the teeth, including teeth cleaning. The main thing to remove is the tartar, and the teeth are not as good as before. Yellow, but still the original light yellow, polishing will only make the scratches on the tooth surface smooth and reduce the accumulation of dental plaque.

Therefore, healthy teeth do not need to be as white as possible. As we age, it is normal for teeth to become yellower and yellower.

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