How harmful is tooth scaling to the teeth?

In fact, the damage is really small and negligible. Ultrasonic vibration is to remove dental calculus. The process will produce scratches, but it is very small and not worn away. Those dental calculi are usually broken into pieces, not into powder. After washing, you have to polish. Just like brushing your teeth, you can restore smoothness. If you have tooth stains, you need to sandblast your teeth and wash your teeth directly. The wear is relatively large.

Can I brush my teeth in the morning and evening every day without scalingmy teeth?

1. Brushing teeth is only used as a daily scaling. Although it can mechanically remove dental plaque, it cannot be brushed in hidden corners, such as large tooth pits and gaps. It is easy to be clogged with food residue, and it will calcify into dental calculus over time. The roots of the teeth will not fall off after repeated brushing. The harder you work, the more bleeding your gums will bleed. There are also smoke stains, coffee stains, and tea stains that cannot be removed.

2. Brushing in the morning is because more plaque is formed the next night, acid is easy to corrode the neck of the tooth, and it will also emit rotten eggs. Brushing at night is equivalent to the summary of the day. After three meals, there will be a lot of residues. Brush in the morning and evening. Twice can remove most of the dental plaque. For dental scaling, it is to wash the teeth once to prevent periodontitis. You can wash it once a year.

Why do I need to wash my teeth to remove calculus?

1. Dental calculus itself carries a large number of pathogenic bacteria, which will infect the gums and inflame the gums, reduce the height of the local gums, absorb the alveolar bone, loosen the teeth, and even fall off automatically. The purpose of washing the teeth is to prevent the inflammation from getting worse, otherwise, the image will be affected by missing teeth. You have to put on dentures. As long as you have friends who have implanted or planted teeth, you can ask them if it will cost thousands or even tens of thousands to install a tooth.

2. Teeth scalingĀ is used as a basic treatment to remove the dirt on the gums. It is used with kin Gillan mouthwash to inhibit bacteria. However, some patients have chronic periodontitis, increased toxins, and deep periodontal pockets, so subgingival ultrasound is required. For curettage, two follow-up visits are required, depending on the situation. Some calculus hidden in the root of the tooth is scraped off and removed thoroughly. If the inflammation has not subsided, periodontal surgery is required.

The advantages of washing the teeth outweigh the disadvantages. Don’t worry about it anymore. It basically does not harm the teeth. Early washing and early recovery of gingivitis.

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