Why are the black teeth so white, it is so!

Why are these black buddies’ teeth so white? If he hides in a dark corner, as long as he doesn’t open his mouth, he won’t be spotted! “Is it possible that there is a secret recipe for tooth protection, which is really enviable!”

  1. Complete dental insurance system
    In the United States, there is a kind of commercial insurance called dental insurance, which can reimburse part or all of the expenses after the patient undergoes oral examination or oral treatment, and the entire operation process of the insurance is relatively simple.
    The patient first finds reimbursable clinics or clinics within his own home on the Internet, and then makes an appointment and registration. After the treatment in the dental clinic is completed, they can be reimbursed without having to go to a commercial insurance company.
    The domestic medical insurance is mainly based on basic medical insurance. In the additional commercial medical insurance, there are relatively few types of insurance for oral cavity. There is not much reimbursement rate for oral treatment. The high cost and the reimbursement rate are too low. This is also the reason why many people are reluctant to go to the dentistry for examination.
  2. Have your own private dentist
    Many middle-class Americans have their own private dentists. These dentists often work in a certain dental clinic and have a professional team in the clinic. For example, the dental clinic can complete general dental care and x-rays. Shooting, etc.
    Moreover, different dental clinics have different specialties. Some dental clinics mainly treat periodontal diseases, while some dental clinics can perform difficult operations such as dental implants. If you need to referral, it is also more convenient. Only the clinician is needed. Make an appointment, and the patient can go to the doctor regularly.
  3. Most people have oral health awareness
    There is a popular saying in the past two years, to see which class a person is in, it does not need to look at his salary income, just let him open his mouth and take a look at his teeth. This sentence reflects from the side: a person’s oral health awareness can reflect his class, status, income, etc.
    In the United States, many people are aware of oral health care and will regularly go to dental clinics for dental cleaning or general health care operations. Most people in China do not have oral health care awareness. We need to learn from them.
    In particular, regular dental cleaning and dental examinations can prevent various diseases of the teeth from the root cause, such as dental caries, gingivitis and other diseases. Early treatment does not cost too much, which is a small amount compared to the high cost of treatment in the later period. Inconspicuous.

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